Welcome to the Faith Book Club!

Let’s journey together as we uncover the truths about what God says about us, our family and our lives.  Explore the power of examining what God says coupled with writing  down your thoughts …your faith stories.

Let’s face it…we may hear the words that God has left us about how “we are perfectly and wonderfully made” and how “He has a plan and purpose for our life”.

Truly believing wholeheartedly those truths….

that’s what the Faithbook Club is all about.


This is an encouraging place.

As Christian women, we often have a tug-of-war about  how we know we should feel…and how we truly feel.

Some of us

* feel like we aren’t good enough

* struggle with the fear that we aren’t a “good enough” mom

* been through a divorce that has left us feeling unworthy

* are overcome with grief from the loss of a loved-one

* are faced with chronic illness in our family

* worry about their children’s self-image

* just want to leave our families the message of how much they are loved


Whether your desire is to leave something for your family or

You are looking to make sense of the pieces of your life

I welcome you to the club!


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